Installing Midnight Commander (to be updated asap, 20110325)

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Using Ubuntu 9.10,  I decided to try a new version of Midnight Commander, the latest version, i.e. v 4.7.1.  See downloads.

I was able to compile the program after installing libgpm-dev and libslang2-dev

After downloading, I copied the file over to /usr/local. Then, in the /usr/local directory, I do ...

tar -xvjf mc-4.7.1.tar.bz2

I changed the permissions to reflect the main users on my system...

chown -R usera:userb mc-4.7.1

Go into the directory

cd mc-4.7.1

As a regular user I run...



sudo make install

after it completees, you should be able to run it by typing "mc" from whatever directory.

Note:  If you play around with the colors in Midnight Commander and you can't get back to the way it was, check your home directory for


All you should need to do is

mv terminalrc terminalrcbak

That fixed the font color for directories issue I was having, so it turns out that I didn't need to re-install Midnight Commander, after all, but one of the fixes is for a memory leak, so it's just as well.